Youth Fitness
XL Training wants fitness to become a way of life for our young population.  Strength and conditioning programs are not just for elite or varsity athletes.  There is a direct correlation to exercise in adulthood based on the individual's experience with exercise during their childhood.  A positive experience with exercise as a child increases the probability that this individual will maintain a positive attitude toward exercise as an adult.  
XL Training can offer each participant a positive experience to fitness.  We believe every child has the potential to excel in whatever athletic endeavor they choose.  Fitness is one such endeavor.  Our programs are customized to the individual's fitness goals and structured so that progress occurs naturally.  The improvement each child experiences on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis provides the motivation to continue with our program, as well as the positive attitude conveyed by the XL Training staff. 

Each session will focus on flexibility, coordination, power, strength, agility, and endurance.  A typical session will last about one hour.  Nutrition is also addressed, as proper eating habits are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
Sessions can be structured as "one-on-one" or in a small group setting. 
One-on-one is $125 per session
Semi-Private is $95 per session
Small group training is $55 per session.     

Surpass Your Fitness and Performance Barriers