Surpass Your Fitness and Performance Barriers

XL Training also offers "one-on-one" and small group personal training.  The focus of the program is to help each individual improve their energy level, increase their strength and power, improve their flexibility and mobility, increase lean muscle mass, and enhance their sport performance.  
By increasing your energy level, you will become more productive at home and in the office.  The improvement in strength, speed, and flexibility will make you a more effective player on the field or court.  You will not only feel better, but you will look better, as your body composition changes to a leaner, fat-burning machine. 

Each session will include: movement preparation, balance and agility training, power and strength production, and conditioning. 
The program can be designed for a two-day, three-day, or four-day per week frequency.  The program can also be designed so that it has some sport-specificity to your athletic activity. 
One-on-One is $125 per session. 
Semi-Private: $95 per person/session.
Small group training is $55 per person/session.